Got FX then you gotta watch Louie

Louis C.K. is hillarious, I loved his first sitcom on HBO called Lucky Louie, but it got canned after one season, they always cancel the best shows.

Now he’s back with a new show, Louie, and it is awesome.

So if you have the cannel FX, then you gotta watch Louie. It’s on Tuesdays at 11pm, and you will enjoy every minute of it, so watch it so it doesn’t get cancelled.

For more about Louis CK visit his site, click here. For more info about the show Louie, visit the official FX page by clicking here.

Crazy Thunderstorm Damage

We had a crazy thunderstorm, 76 mph winds, quarter size hail, and lots of damage all over the area.

It was so loud I thought it was a tornado, the wind picked up a bit and it sarted raining hard. I was about to leave for the post office, but thought I would wait for the rain to slow down first, when suddenly it got pitch black out, the wind was blowing so hard you couldn’t see anything out the window. It sounded like a train was coming, and hail started pounding the roof and windows. We went into the bathroom because it has no windows. Then smash, the bedroom window shattered and all we could do is listen as rain, hail, and wind whistled in.

After the storm passed, which was only a few minutes, the cable was out for hours. 16 units in my building had broken windows, trees were down all over. Thousands in the area were without power, but we were lucky to still have ours. There was damage all over the area, trees down, cars destroyed, roofs blown off. It was a mess.